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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Zealand : Rescuers Press Search for New Zealand Quake Survivors

An article from The New York Times :

" CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand : Emergency crews were withdrawn from a large part of central Christchurch over safety concerns on Wednesday, a day after an earthquake killed scores of people and left much of New Zealand’s second largest city in ruins.

The police withdrew the crews amid concerns that one of the city’s tallest buildings could collapse. Officials cleared a two-block zone around the Hotel Grand Chancellor, suspending search and rescue operations in some of the city’s most badly damaged buildings. The Canterbury Television headquarters — where dozens of people were still missing — was among them.

As many as 24 Japanese exchange students were believed to be among the missing in the collapse of the Canterbury Television building, which housed their language school. “We understand that a significant proportion of those that were in that building are Japanese nationals. We are working with the Japanese consul around that,” Dave Cliff, a police official, told reporters."

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