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Monday, February 28, 2011

Indonesia : Bird Flu Patients Expected to Increase

Translated report from Kompas :

" The number of patients infected with bird flu suspects in Hospital Dr. Slamet Garut, West Java, the two men. Community asked to be alert when a family member sick with flu-like symptoms.

Patients suspected of bird flu is L (9 months) from Kampung Cangkuang, Banyuresmi District, Garut. He had fever, cough, and shortness of breath after contact with poultry infected with bird flu. Sukaresmi is the region with the highest cases of dead poultry in Garut since early 2011.

RS Dr. Slamet also treat patients suspected of bird flu AN (49), employees of Animal Husbandry Department, Fisheries and Marine Sub Banyuresmi. He sudden high fever and cough after interacting with the birds died of bird flu positive."

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