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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Zealand : 'No chance' of survivors at quake-hit TV site

Via ABC News :

" New Zealand authorities have abandoned all hope of finding survivors in the collapsed Canterbury TV building in central Christchurch, adding it was likely foreign students would be among the dead.

The number of confirmed dead remains at 75 and more than 300 are missing after yesterday's 6.3-magnitude earthquake.

Police say they are 100 per cent certain those trapped in the CTV building, including a group of overseas students, are dead.

Rescuers earlier gave hope to families as they pulled office worker Ann Bodkin from the flattened Pyne Gould building.

Ms Bodkin, who was lying under her desk, emerged wrapped in blankets to applause from rescue workers who have been poring through the building's mangled remains."

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