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Sunday, September 26, 2010

France : Provence - Dengue, chikungunya alert

A Google translated report via Le Progres :

" The health surveillance is reinforced in the PACA region, where the first cases of the virus carried by the tiger mosquito has been detected over a 12 year old child.

Chikungunya was diagnosed over a 12 year old child, now followed her home. He is currently an isolated case.

Precautionary measures were taken, including expertise on-site presence of the mosquito and mosquito control interventions into areas frequented by the patient as well as greater vigilance network of health professionals to identify the area of of possible patients seen with symptoms of chikungunya.

A call for vigilance has been launched by Jean-Jacques Coiplet, Director of Public Health and Environmental Agency Regional Health stating that all its teams were mobilized. An alert was issued to all GPs in the region as well as laboratories to trace any information on possible symptoms that may make you think of dengue or chikungunya."

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