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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indonesia : Polman, South Sulawesi - Bird flu has spread to Kabupaten Polman

Ida at Bird Flu Information Corner has another post today with regards to bird flu outbreak, excerpt :

" Polewali Mandar : After hitting three municipals (kabupaten) Pinrang, Sidrap and Luwu, bird flu H5N1 is now attacking thousands of chicken in Kecamatan Limboro and Binuang, Kabupaten (Polewali Mandar/Polman), South Sulawesi.

About 200 chickens kept in an abattoir suddenly died within 5 days. Dead chickens showed signs such as darkening of wattle, comb and skin.

Bird flu virus also attacked several farms in Kelurahan Ammmassengeng Kecamatan Binuang. Farmers lost about 30-50 chickens with similar signs daily."

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