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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Malaysia : Rat urine virus in two more areas

Via New Straits Times :

" ALOR STAR: Leptospirosis or rat urine virus has been detected in two more areas -- in the lake of the Pendang Lake Resort and the Bukit Perak waterfall, state director of health Dr Marzukhi Md Isa said yesterday.

He said the Bukit Perak waterfall has been closed to the public while guests of the Pendang Lake Resort were advised to keep off the lake. Water samples taken from the waterfall and the lake were found to contain the virus, he said when contacted. So far, no one had been reported to have contracted the virus in the two areas, he added.

Three locations in the state -- Puncak Janing recreational park in Kuala Nerang, Lata Bayu recreational park in Baling and Bukit Wang recreational park in Kubang Pasu -- were closed a month ago after the virus was detected there."

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