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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Philippines : Dengue death toll up to 33

Via Panay News :

" BACOLOD City : A total of 33 dengue-caused fatalities were recorded in Negros Occidental while the number of cases reached 6,294 from January to September 18 this year, according to the Provincial Health Office (PHO).

The number of dengue cases, the PHO said, actually decreased by 22 percent from 469 on Morbidity Week 36 to 368 on the following week.

Accumulated figures, however, revealed that cases this year are 558 percent higher compared to that of the same period last year with only 957.

Since reaching its peak on Morbidity Week 33 at 665, dengue cases had been on a decline.
The Provincial Dengue Task Force headed by Provincial Board member Melvin Ibañez hopes that such trend will continue despite the continuous rains.

Earlier, Ibañez predicted that dengue cases this year will surpass the 2007 record of about 5,300."

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