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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

US : H1N1 has neurological side effects

Via The Daily Utah Chronicle, excerpt :

" At the peak of the H1N1 virus pandemic last fall, Josh Bonkowsky received call after call to treat children with H1N1 who were also experiencing neurological complications such as seizures.

The calls prompted Bonkowsky, professor of pediatrics and neurology, to find out if the H1N1 virus causes more children to have neurological complications than the seasonal flu. New research confirms his hypothesis.

Although seizures were the most common complication, they were just as prevalent in children affected by the seasonal flu. Other side effects more common in H1N1 included encephalopathy, which causes patients not to act like themselves, as well as confusion, aphasia&-which inhibits communication&-and focal neurological deficits, which affect one part of the nervous system, Bonkowsky said."

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