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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

India : Now, malaria, dengue strike city’s affluent

Via Times of India :

" MUMBAI: The BMC is going all out to tackle malaria and dengue cases in high-rises. Even as the monsoon has retreated and stagnant water across the city has considerably reduced, breeding in affluent homes has emerged as the latest concern.

According to the civic body, in September, of the 6,000 positive malaria cases in the city, 10% were from affluent homes and high-rises. Because of this, said officials, after addressing the slums and railway quarters, the BMC has now shifted its focus to upper-middle class areas.

"There is a general belief that malaria strikes only slumdwellers. But we found that ever since the rains reduced, the number of malaria cases in affluent homes have become stark,'' said additional municipal commissioner Manisha Mhaiskar. "Now, there will be almost zero breeding in public spaces because the monsoon is coming to an end. We will now start creating awareness in upper-middle class localities about the fact that breeding can happen in their very homes.''

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