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Sunday, September 26, 2010

China : Five plague cases reported in Tibet, one dead

This article is from Xinhua :

" BEIJING, Sept. 26 : Five people have been diagnosed of pneumonic plague in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region and one of them has died, health authorities confirmed Sunday.

All the five cases were reported in Nangxian County of Nyingchi Prefecture, Ministry of Health said on its website, quoting a report from Tibet's regional health department."

And after I did more digging I found this on China's MOH page and translated via Google :

" Long County, Colorado town in our region that a suspected outbreak of human plague. Comprehensive clinical, epidemiological investigation, laboratory test results, the experts identified the outbreak as the outbreak of pneumonic plague together, so far, five human cases, including 1 death.

Can be judged to be the first case of secondary pneumonic plague died of bubonic plague, and the remaining four cases were pneumonic plague, for the initial cases in direct contact with the infection. Are four cases were treated in isolation.

Currently, patients in critical condition in 1 patient, other cases being stable condition.

After the outbreak, the regional party committee, government and the Ministry of Health attaches great importance to the district, prefectural, and county public health emergencies immediately activated emergency plans, the experts have rushed to the scene to carry out epidemiological investigations, follow-up management of close contacts, foci deal with medical treatment and other prevention and control, the epidemic has been effectively controlled. Currently, the normal order of production and living of local people.

To remind the health sector, after September 18 who visited the area and, if fever, cough and other symptoms, should speed to the local disease control institutions for treatment. I will keep the Office of the situation to the public."

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