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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WHO : Influenza - Update 117

The latest influenza update from WHO, excerpt (I've taken only the key points from the update, go to the site for the full article) :

" 24 September 2010 : Influenza virus circulation remains most active in areas of the temperate Southern Hemisphere and in parts of Asia, particularly South and Southeast Asia.

As of early to mid-September 2010, Chile continued to report an increasing national trend of ILI activity associated with increased co-circulation of seasonal and H1N1 (2009) influenza viruses.

In neighboring Argentina, limited data suggest that low levels of predominantly influenza type B viruses circulated between June and late August 2010.

In New Zealand, the national consultation rate for ILI fell below the seasonal baseline during the third week of September 2010 after peaking approximately one month earlier.

In Australia, a steady increase in the national rate of ILI consultations was observed between late August and mid-September 2010, but overall levels remain well below those seen during the past three winter influenza seasons; geographically widespread activity has been recently reported in Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia. Influenza H1N1 (2009) and seasonal type B viruses continue to co-circulate in Australia.

In India, there is widespread persistence of active influenza virus circulation. As of mid-September 2010, at least 17 states and territories reported new cases, with the highest numbers reported in the Delhi, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

In Thailand, there has been active circulation of influenza H1N1 (2009) viruses and to a lesser extent seasonal influenza type B and H3N2 viruses since mid-July 2010, coinciding with a period of usual transmission of influenza viruses."

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