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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hong Kong : Dengue fears spark call for war on mosquitoes

The dengue count increased in Hong Kong to 5 according to this article from The Standard :

" Southern District residents have urged the government to step up mosquito control to halt the spread of dengue fever, a potentially fatal disease, after the number of confirmed and suspected cases rose to five.

A 46-year-old British man was confirmed to have dengue fever last week, the first locally acquired case in seven years. His 47-year-old wife and two sons, aged eight and 18, as well as a neighbor, a two-year-old girl, were all suspected to have come down with the disease. All live on Island Road, Deep Water Bay, and confirmatory test results are pending.

Centre for Health Protection senior medical and health officer Taron Loh Lai-ting yesterday said all have recovered and there is no evidence to show dengue fever has become endemic locally.

At a talk co-organized by the CHP and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department at Stanley Bay Community Hall on the mosquito-borne disease, some residents called on the government to do more to prevent the outbreak of dengue fever."

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