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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indonesia : Four Suspected Bird Flu Patients Improve

A report from Tempo Interaktif, an update to the 4 patients currently being warded in Makassar for suspected bird flu :

" Makassar : Health four patients suspect bird flu virus that was treated in the Hospital Dr Wahidin Sudirohusodo, Makassar gradually began to improve. However, they still remain an IV because his physical condition is still weak.General and Operations Director Dr Wahidin Sudirohusodo, Andi Kalsum Patonangi said after undergoing intensive treatment, four patients showed a positive growth trend.

Four patients were called Novi, 17 years; Nawir, 42 years; and Adrian, 4 years old. All three residents Pinrang origin. One more patient named Sapphira, 3 years, provided Soppeng District. They were isolated in space since the Inspection Centre yesterday."Body temperature had dropped drastically. His condition has improved although it must still rest for recovery," said Kalsum, this morning.

Kalsum said last body temperature checks carried out around 08:00 pm. As a result, four patients had body temperatures ranging from 36 degrees Celsius. They referred to the inspection space center after suffering symptoms of bird flu with a temperature above 38 degrees Celsius.

Two doctors still continue to monitor their health progress. Meanwhile, the hospital has not received the laboratory results of blood samples four patients. Samples were sent to Jakarta and have not received a reply the results."

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