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Friday, September 24, 2010

Indonesia : Pinrang, South Sulawesi - Thousands of backyard chickens die of bird flu

Ida at Bird Flu Information Corner has another article with regards to bird flu from Indonesia, this time Pinrang, South Sulawesi, excerpt :

" Pinrang : Thousands of backyard chickens in three sub-districts of Kabupaten (municipal) Pinrang, have suddenly died of bird flu since Monday (21/9).

Three affected sub-districts are Kecamatan Lanrisang, Watang Sawitto and Paleteang.

The outbreak is probably caused by high rain rate in this later week, said Head of Animal Health Division, Livestock Service of Pinrang, Elvi Martina. Last bird flu outbreak in Pinrang occurred in 2005, she added.

Following to this, Livestock Service will conduct surveillance in 12 sub-districts of Pinrang.

The chief of Kecamatan Lanriseng – one of the affected sub-districts – M Husein predicted about 800 to 1000 chickens had died until now. This number will possibly increase.

In Kecamatan Lanriseng, bird flu attacks four villages, Desa Sama Ulue (Dusun Sumpang and Dusun Uloe), Desa Lanriseng, Desa Amassangang and Desa Mallongi-Longi."

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