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Monday, September 27, 2010

Pneumonic plague under control in Tibet, says regional CDC center

Via Xinhua, updates to the plague outbreak in Tibet :

" LHASA, Sept. 27 : Health authorities have controlled a pneumonic plague that broke out earlier this month in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet's Center for Disease Control (CDC) said Monday.

The first case of the outbreak was detected on Sept. 23 and the affected person died of severe lung infections. Another four people were also diagnosed with the disease, according to previous reports.

All the five cases were reported in Latok Township, Nangxian County of Nyingchi Prefecture. The four survivors are still being treated and are in a stable condition.

Family members and people in close contact with the victims have been quarantined. Local health authorities are screening people looking for more cases in the township, said an official with the regional CDC who declined to be named.

Latok Township has been quarantined. People coming out of Nangxian County are examined for the disease at road check points."

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