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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spain: H5 Avian Flu In Doves

Mike Coston at Avian Flu Diary, has very insightful and in dept look into issues / viruses "bugging" humanity. I turn to his blog everyday to read what he has to say and today I saw a post on his blog titled Spain : H5 Avian Flu in Doves. Here's the excerpt from that, please go to his site for all the links mentioned.

" A week ago, CopitoSP posting on FluTrackers from Madrid, Spain alerted forum members to an ongoing die off of `turkish doves’ in `Montjuïc and surrounding areas due to a disease of unknown origin’.

The original news item appeared in El, and was titled Una enfermedad desconocida mata a cientos de tórtolas en los jardines de Montjuïc which translated works out to An unknown disease kills hundreds of pigeons in the gardens of Montjuïc.

An ongoing thread to track this event was created on FluTrackers, where you can read the full details of the story and follow up reports.

Today we have confirmation – courtesy of IronOreHopper - that HPAI H5 has been confirmed by FAO/Empres (The Global Animal Disease Information System)."

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