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Monday, September 27, 2010

Nigeria : Backyard poultry and bird flu burden

Via Nigerian Compass, excerpt from a long article but it's worth your time to read it :

" AS Jide Olorunmbe (not real names), eight-year-old primary school pupil, approached his home in Ojokoro, on the outskirts of Lagos metropolis that afternoon, he walked through chickens, ducks, turkeys and other bird stocks seeking food in front of his house.

Being very familiar with the birds, his reaction to some of ducks, which tried to flee the scene was typical of that of a child. He made a quick move towards the ducks and fell on droppings (waste matter left by various birds), which littered the front of his house.

However, little Jide was excited as he caught one of the ducks by its legs. As it croaked and struggled to re-gain its freedom, Jide was simply amused by the reaction of the duck. It took strong condemnation from Jide's mother for the duck to regain its freedom.

Curiously, Jide’s body contact with the droppings never provoked any negative reaction. He merely dusted it off his arms with his hands, and within minutes, he was eating fried fish with the unwashed hands."

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